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Rafael Nadal

the one and only - even if not today's Australian Champion.

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I go

You call me and I go
Against my best judgment
You call me and I go
In an urge I can’t control

I drift around
For you to find me
When I should be
Escaping from your curse

You call me and I go
Into that dark place
Where we make sense

You call me and I go
And yet I’m all alone

[Dezembro de 2011]

Melhores temas de sempre 10

Poses – Rufus Wainwright

Poses – live, from Poses, 2001

Apontamentos fugazes 202

Business trip, long day. I come home and guess what? Instead of checking the Australian Open's results, I first check if Draghi's introductory statement to the Parliament suffered changes to what I wrote. Massive compensation phenomenon.

Apontamentos fugazes 201

A - Do you think I'm nuts?
W - No. But I'm not too sure you have two feet on the ground either.
A - You mean... some people do?!

É exactamente isto...

Ally McBeal, "One hundred tears away"

Apontamentos fugazes 200

Why can't I have it easy, just once in a while?

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I'm a girl who likes to have her own tools.

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A esperança é um sentimento pernicioso.