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Bachelorette - Bjork

Bachelorette, from Homogenic, 1997

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The writer, The All and the injustice of being human

«Egor was speaking again: ‘But most people – or let us say, most writers – will never reach The All. They will never even become geniuses. They will never become anything. I… I am one of them. But at least I know this and try to express this powerlessness through everything I write. I know that nothing can be said, that no one expects you to say anything, but that you must say it. I know you must somehow go against the injustice of being human and being unable to reach The All’

Mircea Cărtărescu, «Nostalgia; REM», New Directions 2005, p. 252

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The Help

Life is just not fair.

We all know it and yet, one way or the other, we all have hope. And, as I wrote before, hope is just the great deceiver.

The Help is a movie about life, in all its unfairness. It's a movie about coping with the outcomes of things one cannot control. And yet one always seems to somehow try to make a bit of a difference. To somehow try to have it a bit better. But it is also a movie about courage; about those who dare, even if in danger.

Yes, The Help is a movie about unfairness, hope and courage. But it is also a movie about rage. It reminds me of the anger I feel when reading the Russian authors depicting the Russian society in the 19 century. Though it is about the American society in the 60's. But this anger of recognising how people can be so cruel to each other persists. This is why The Help is also a movie about today. How, in one way or the other, people are always so cruel to each other.

The Help is not a superb movie, but I would most advise people to watch it because it shakes up the insides. And that's important, because maybe only non-violent rage can change things...

[The help, D. Tate Taylor]

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A – R., o que é que vês neste quadro?
R – Desespero e solidão.
A – Sim, mas o que é que está exactamente pintado?
R – Ah, ok…. Vejo aquilo que deveria ser uma nuvem, mas na verdade me parecem lábios. Vejo uma escarpa.
A – E não vês a pessoa?
R – Oops.

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[Edvard Munch, Vampire, 1893]

A propósito da exposição de Munch, no Schirn, em Frankfurt.

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Sinto falta de ti,
como se tivesse perdido
um bocado de mim.
Um bocado de mim,
que não queria perder.

Sinto falta de ti,
enquanto espero
as palavras perfeitas
de que só tenho lembranças,
na dor que mastigo.

Sinto falta de ti
nesta inconstante espera
para que a saudade
desapareça do meu corpo
e a dor se esqueça de ti.

Sinto falta de ti
E reabre as fendas
de dores passadas,
saber que nem sequer
te lembras de mim.

[Fevereiro de 2012]

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Why would I need a fireplace, if I have a hairdryer?