Apontamento fugazes 206

Names and adjectives

Katharine: l wanted to meet the man who could write a long paper with so few adjectives.

Almasy: Well, a thing is still a thing, no matter what you place in front of it.Big car, slow car, chauffeur-driven car.

Madox: Broken car.

Almasy: lt’s still a car.

Geoffrey Clifton: Not much use, though.

Katharine: Love ? Romantic love, plutonic love, filial love. Quite different things, surely.

Geoffrey Clifton: Uxoriousness. That’s my favourite kind of love. Excessive love of one’s wife.

Almasy: Now there you have me.

[From the English Patient, d. Anthony Minghella]

So, a broken car is still a car. And I say, a charming asshole is still an asshole.

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