Trivialidades 178

Body language

I guess I told you already that sometimes, some things happen to me. Today, I was coming to work by tram, like I always do. Not always the best company in the tram, though, but today it looked quiet… for a while.

At a stop, four young guys jumped in. At first, I ignored them as I was reading le Carré with interest. But they started speaking really loud, which is a nice way of saying they started yelling, as if yelling was just their ordinary way of speaking. That upset me because I was really interested in my book. They stood fairly close to me for a while and even though they were speaking in German I started having the feeling that were talking about me and trying me to talk to them, as I heard something about my sunglasses and my book. I ignored it, thinking to myself that sometimes, and I do mean very rarely, it is nice not to talk a language and keep oneself ignorant of some things.

In the meantime, the person sitting next to me left as well as the other two people seating in front of me. By then I felt unprotected with a few bullies ready to annoy me. One of them set next to me and impeded people from sitting in front, as well as in the next bench, so that he would have clear sight to two of his friends. At that time, I was doing nothing else than pretending to read, as I understood they were still trying to mess around.

But it got impossible to ignore when the guy seating next to me decided to put his face really close to mine. I took my sunglasses off and looked at him defiantly. He said something in German I could not understand and I replied, in English, that I did not speak the language. And then he gave one of the best lines I’ve ever heard. He said

"It doesn’t matter because I speak body language. Do you speak body language?"

And while he said that, he put his bare chest really close to my face. I was not expecting he would be bare-chested, with only a wide-open overcoat on. Nice skin and nice tummy. Nice blue eyes in a bully’s face. This became challenging, so I said "I do. I’m just not interested." While I pretended that he hadn’t got my attention, he said something like "Let me look in my dictionary something to say to you." Opening his overcoat even wider and turning pages of an imaginary book, he said "My dictionary says you look good. "

I told you that sometimes, some things happen to me, but I don’t know if ever told you that I like games. This type of games. Liking games made me reply "Well, I do like your dictionary." My commuting journey was by then almost over, but I would have to pass in front of him to leave and he had blocked my way. Calmly, I closed my book, looked at him and said "I have to go now." And then he got me again, but with a rather vulgar line this time

"Where are you going? To my bed?"

I was already standing close to the door and I replied "Too bad, you know? I told you I’m not interested." And I left. Smiling.

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