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The National – concert in Germany

There is nothing like the arts. Nothing. There is nothing like the excitement of understanding oneself better through a creative search for truth.

Music in particular is a very genuine type of art. And I have been missing my music like hell. I have been missing being in a concert with all my cells jumping wildly with the feeling of finally having found something worthwhile getting uneasy for.

It is a different feeling to attend a concert in Germany (in Frankfurt?). Ironically, everything looks less organic. I still remember being terribly happy when I couldn’t breathe for three songs during my first Muse concert. Surely that wouldn’t happen in Frankfurt. Fair enough. But I must say I am still amazed of how still, not interactive, a crowd can be with a band they actually like. The National.

I started my ‘The National’ craving not so long ago. But I started it steadily and am now convinced of how much I like them. I could try to explain how the concert I went to see last Thursday worked out. I could try to explain you how I can hear my own voice in the bits I recorded. I could try to tell you all that, but I would be missing the most important. No matter the surprise of being almost the only one singing or jumping, I would be understating how good the concert was.

I could try to tell you lots of things. I choose to tell I enjoyed the concert very much. I choose to tell you it was so nice to get back again together with arts authenticity. And I choose to show you the following.


Vanderlyle crybaby geeks

Well. Interactive or not, I still want to attend concerts in Germany. Even if I feel a bit marginalised in their way of eating up the thrill for art.

But you know. It is that feeling of smiling through tears because you found something. Something worthwhile getting vulnerable for.

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