Homenagens 67

Kurt, we miss you

We really do miss you.

«Nirvana defined a moment, a movement for the outsiders: for the fags and the fat girls and the broken toys and the shy nerds and the goth kids from Tennessee and Kentucky, for the rockers and the awkward, and the fed-up, the too smart kids and the bullied. We were a community, a generation; in Nirvana’s case, several generations; in the echo chamber of that collective howl, and Allen Ginsberg would have been very proud, here.
That movement and that voice reverberated into music and filme, politics, a worldview, poetry, fashion, art, spiritualism, the beginning of the Internet and so many fields in so many ways is our lives. This is not just pop music – this is something much greater than that.» – Michael Stipe

Nirvana, com Annie Clark, Joan Jett, Kim Gordon e Lorde. Introdução de Michael Stipe

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