Pensamentos líquidos 121

I. The Olympics and why I love them

I love the Olympics. I love the Olympics because of what they represent: the chance for individuals to surpass their human fragilities and limits. 
It is just sports, do not think I see it differently. But in each of those individuals - those athletes - you have on person, one human, who wants to do more than what should be physically feasible. And they manage, they surpass themselves in ways one can only conceive. And that is as good as it gets for us mortals out here. The sense of surpassing our awfully human limits.
There are other great things at the Olympics: the camaraderie, the breaking of social and cultural barriers, the acceptance of the link that unites us all: humanity, no matter skin colour, no matter religion, no matter other beliefs. But, for me, there is something too special in having individuals surpassing themselves, individuals surpassing the greatest of all times, carving their names on history books, setting themselves apart, being recognised after putting so much effort and perseverance into one thing.
Yes, this is why I love the Olympics: athletes there transcend their human characteristics to elevate themselves to immortal achievers.

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