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III. The Olympics: Rio 2016, the gold

Let me wrap up with a last post on the Olympics. And this post is a homage to a few athletes. So many more would deserve the highlight, but let me choose a few, from my biased viewpoint.
Michael Phelps. He is an outstanding swimmer and his comeback was out of this world. He was not as dominant as he once was, but he proved himself so brilliantly. 28 Olympic medals mean something terrific. For someone like me, who loves swimming, it is a pleasure to be able to witness his career.
Katinka Hosszu. She transformed herself into a magnificent swimmer. Yes, Katie Ledecky smashed world records and she is an amazing crawler. But Katinka swims medleys, which means she is more versatile. I do not want to discuss the effect of her partner and coach on her achievements, but since they started this type of arrangement, her marks improved immensely.
Simone Biles. How wonderful is she? The difficulty level of her routines is out of this world and she masters what she does. She might have had a slip on the balance beam (to me, the most amazing of her routines and, before her, I did not even like the beam), but her performance was superb nonetheless.
Oksana Chusovitina. She is 41 years old and she still made it to the vault’s final. That made me happy. I hope she does not get any injuries and continues challenging the ageing odds.
Mo Farah. I like him very much. Not only is he a magnificent athlete, he is, from what I hear, such a decent man. And his victory at the 10 000m, after the fall, has to bring a happy tear to one’s eyes.
Usain Bolt. He is probably the greatest sprinter of all times and it is a joy to watch him run.
I know there were other great achievements I am not mentioning. I am not minimising their worth, but I cannot keep on writing for days… and days and days…

And days...

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